VALERIA AMBI is multifaceted artist who lives and works in Sassuolo (MO).
His interest and sensitivity to environmental issues led her to approach the LAND ART creating sculptures and installations for parks and natural spaces. Its not just a message of environmental protection, but it is also poetic expression and rediscovery of spiritual values.
His curiosity leads her to study nature to discover new forms. She likes to experiment and try also unconventional materials. It 'hard to determine what are the techniques he uses, because they are always different and hard to classify. Love the color, but it can be attracted by the peculiarities of a material which may be a plastic plate colored, a wire or metal scrap, a particular wood, stones or colored glass. For her, all materials are suitable to be "potentially creative and give beauty". The only constants in his work are the freedom in his creative research and the need to renew. Why its production is so diverse in form and materials. An exception should be made for the traditional technique of mosaic tiles with which the artist has played some of his sculptures. Realize also works with industrial waste materials and recycled that can be inserted in the order of or TRASH ART Art REUSE. Its production is difficult to classify, because it fits into most artistic orders that fade into one another; perhaps we need to coin new terms for his work.
To better explain his personality must find common denominators, investigate in his poetic, understand his feelings and contradictions. This artist loves trees,plants clouds, the sky and the sea; she likes to walk in nature. Love light and colors. His instinct leads her to look inward and do what is good as experience, know, enjoy it, seek joy and share it with the others. As it moves creatively? As a child, possibly without patterns: is sometimes a feeling, a musical note or a natural form that she likes as a coral, a jellyfish that can trigger the creative spark. Or is already a form internalized, but lies dormant inside her. Observing nature learns the complexity of the laws governing the natural structures so beautiful and varied. It 'a creative path that you never know where it will lead.
VALERIA AMBI came gradually to be interested in sculpture and INSTALLATIONS, winning his fears. Previous experiences were pictorial materiche, but always two-dimensional. He worked long glass, because he was interested in the relationship LIGHT-COLOR. Among the first sculptures of the lamps are made of glass which can be defined LIGHT- Sculpture.
The nature for her to be understood as the "Great Mother", entity to refer constantly, not only to draw new energy and rebalance, but to regain our sense, the centrality harmonic with the universe. His is a logical approach and empathetic with nature, that can transcend reality, to get more in depth with the spirit of the elements in order to grasp the grace, the sensitivity or the power. Rational and irrational come together.
Another poetic element that continues to stimulate his creativity are the situations of unstable equilibrium as SCULPTURES FURNITURE that create movement. VALERIA ENVI has created several ART MOBILES. Lightness is another feature of their, for her it is a reference to strive constantly, perhaps because it is interested in spirituality. Even the matter of his works it is essential, gaunt and his sculptures become more aerial and flying. Hangs his ART MOBILES by a thread and let them be moved from the air or wind. The movement in sculpture is dynamic that creates different situations and new, like life that is never static, always dynamic.
In his complex personality of the artist is sometimes delicate, poetic and sometimes leaves out his strength and vital power: makes it especially liberating in the use of color. Its large SCULPTURES -INSTALLAZIONI COLORED are proof, in which no fear no judgment and where generously uses vibrant colors, releasing all his energy.
The relationship LIGHT-COLOR is a foundation of his research, who occasionally reappears. The light really like both from a scientific point of view, emotional and symbolic. The decomposition of light has always fascinated and often uses the colors and shades of the rainbow. In his later works made with recycled plastic bottles, has taken this search in which the color is kindled for sunlight, and radiates in our eyes and minds by giving us joy.


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